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Private Yoga

We believe everyone needs personal attention when it comes to yoga.  Your yoga practice is specific to
your body, lifestyle, and needs.  As you change and grow, so can your yoga practice.

Our yoga teachers each offer private instruction. Discuss your practice, tweak your alignment, create your own sequence, or pursue a personal interest in breathing or stress reduction techniques.  Use your time to learn postures and movement sequences for healing old injuries, depression/anxiety, arthritis, or back and neck pain. The content of your session is up to you and scheduled at your convenience.  $75/hour and $100/90 mins

Questions about private yoga instruction? Email Vanessa at [email protected].

Daily Yoga classes are scheduled from 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM, upstairs in the Rancho. They are semi private, for a max of 5 practitioners. Our teachers build each class based on the level and the  needs of the students each day. The cost is $20 per class and is paid in cash at the time of the class.  Click the pdf below for the teaching schedule.

bala yoga pdf


Always striving to offer a better service to our guests, Living Hotel proudly announces its new partnership with Spacio, a unique jungle spa with their array of specialized therapeutic and aesthetics services.

A lovely 5 minute walk from the Living Hotel’s reception, Spacio is very quiet and private. Their offerings include a variety of services ranging from relaxing to therapeutic with Swedish, deep tissue, facial, abdominal and foot reflexology options available.   Spacio also provides a wonderful spectrum of body care and natural treatment aesthetic services to include: organic facials, waxing and mani/pedis.

Their skilled professionals can accommodate multiple and simultaneous sessions, for surfers, couples and kids alike. So bring a friend, and contact us at [email protected] to book your appointment.

Service Menu

Jungle Massage
60 min. $80 / 90 min. $115
This Swedish/stretching blend of the Jungle Massage is tailored to each guest’s individual needs and desires, never very soft but perfect for relaxing.

Bambu Deep Tissue
30 min. $45 / 60 min. $90 / 90 min. $130
The firm and continued pressure in slow motion generates deep rest to fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

30 min. $40 / add to any session 10 min. $13
A highly relaxing experience which will relieve fatigue while you receive the benefits that foot reflexology provides.

Mayan abdominal
20 min. $35 / add to any session 10 min. $17
Improve the flow of energy and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.

30 min. $45 add to any session 10 min. $14
Relaxes all facial muscles, releases accumulated tension in the neck, shoulder and pectoral plexus. This therapy dispels the tensions reflected in the expression of the face, giving peace and a deep and lasting relaxation.

Four Hands
60 min. $160
You have to try this once in your lifetime. It’s incredible.
Your thoughts will stop and you will give yourself over to the physical sensations.

Jungle 60 min. $160 / 90 min. $230
Deep Tissue 60 min. $180 / 90 min. $260
One and One 60 min. $170 / 90 min. $245.
Share the journey with your partner at your side.

For Kids (up to 12 years.)
30 min. $40
Wonderful treat for your children, brings peace and grounding energy. New generations need stress release too.

60 min. $75
One of the most special moments to receive a massage.. Your body and your baby will experience great calm and happiness.

Hot Stones
90 min. $130
It makes you live the moment, second by second. Your body will absorb the heat from the stones and the stones are going to absorb your fatigue, taking you to state of indescribable peace.

Natural Treatments.
Nurture, protect and clean your skin with our organic, fresh made and non-allergic products that are applied with a massage that stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Ocean Breeze
90 min. $130
Smooth and refreshing treatment, hydrates and regenerates your skin. Also can combat mild damage from sunburns

Volcanic Blend
90 min. $130
Special clay with extracts of chamomile, aloe and mint will give a gentle exfoliation and deep cleaning of the pores.

Organic Facial
30 min. $45
Heal and rejuvenate the skin through our hydrating and cleansing masque, and a delightful massage to the face and neck.

Body Care

Combine three or more and get 10%off.
+Bikini $35usd. +Brazilian $60usd. +Half leg $40usd.+Full leg $80usd. +Stomach $40usd. +Chest $40usd. +Back $50usd. +Eyebrows $15usd. + Upper lip $10usd.

Manicure / Pedicure
*Spa with regular nail polish $20 / $35
*Spa with Shellac $25 / $40
*No Nail polish $15 / $30
*Only color (nails ready to apply)
Reg. Nail polish $10 / Shellac $15 .

Ear Coning
Two Candles $25
Relieve many common discomforts like excess water, sinus pressure and migraines. This relaxing technique is perfect if you spend time in the water or before flying home.

Survival Kits

Essential for Surfers
60 min. $65.
Get 30 minutes of deep tissue massage of your back and neck + two ear candles then grab your board again!.

Essential for Yogis
+90 min. $125.
Get 60 minutes of deep tissue full body massage + Pedi spa with Shellac and rock your next class.

Sunny days
120 min. $170
Get our 90 min. Full body treatment Ocean Breeze + our Organic Facial.
Your skin will be refreshed and your face will look radiant..

30 min. $80
Get foot massage and Champy together.
It’s not about time, nirvana is here and now.


Onsite Cafe

Juice Bar and Cafe

Onsite cafe for healthy eating!