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Leading a yoga retreat is the highlight of many yoga instructors’ careers. Retreats pose the best opportunity to make a lasting impact and provide life-changing experiences for students. However, organizing a yoga retreat is very different from running your typical class. Most yoga instructors are not well-versed in organizing events, and therefore, find themselves over-extended and overwhelmed in the planning process. From booking the venue to planning the agenda and marketing the event, the to-do list can feel endless.

At the end of the day, a successful yoga retreat is completely dependant on the experience. Picking the right location can make or break your students’ experience throughout the entire retreat.

The best way to begin planning your yoga retreat

Before you get in the weeds of planning the event, simply focus on the experience you want your students to have. Visualize exactly how your sessions should go. Where are you? What does it feel like outside? What does it look like? What is the terrain and weather? What kind of people are you around? You get the point. It’s critical to visualize the smallest of details so that you can get clear on exactly how you want your yoga retreat to look. Write these things down so you don’t forget. Let this vision guide you throughout the entire planning process, from logistics, to the lunch and dinner menus, and most importantly, location.

(PRO TIP #1: Design the experience for yourself. Ask yourself the above questions and plan a retreat that you would personally love. This will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and your students most likely have the same desires as you.)

Once you have your location, the rest will fall into place

The location of your yoga retreat is the biggest determining factor for those interested in attending. Many people view yoga retreats as bucket list items and fully intend on traveling to exotic locations that are known for natural beauty and authentic yogic experiences. The options are truly endless.

First, pick a country or region that accommodates your vision for what a yoga retreat should be. We’ll make this part easy for you. Pick Nosara, Costa Rica.

Nosara is a yoga mecca. Its breathtaking beauty pairs brilliantly with the craft and lifestyle of yoga professionals and those seeking serenity and connectedness. Located in a “Blue Zone,” Nosara is home to a staggering number of centenarians, people who live past 100-years-old. It is proven that Nosara’s inhabitants statistically live longer, healthier, happier lives, making it the perfect destination for any yoga retreat.

Once you’ve narrowed down your country or region of choice, here are some things to consider when scouting for locations:

  • How far away is it from your normal practice?
  • Is there an airport nearby?
  • What is the cost for your students’ travel?
  • Can you drive there?
  • How will your students get to the hotel?
  • Does the hotel have a yoga studio built-in?
  • Is there food on-site?
  • Are there opportunities for nearby excursions/bonding activities?
  • How important is the culture/history to you and your students?
  • Is there enough hotel availability for your entire group?
  • Are there special rates if you book a certain number of rooms?

I’m sure you can think up more questions, but this is a good starting point to determine what is logistically and financially feasible for the group.

(PRO TIP #2: Make sure the venue has a suitable setting and space for your entire group to practice together. Does the venue have props? Is there enough wall space? Make sure they’re well-equipped and prepared for your group.)

Yoga is a central part of Nosara’s culture and year-round attraction. We prioritize the ancient art and enjoy hosting retreats for some of the world’s top yoga experts and enthusiasts. Our world-class location makes it desirable for yoga teachers of all experience levels and budgets to host retreats and design life-changing experiences for their students.

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